Beyond Hops And Oats: Flavored Beer

If you're looking for some unique craft beers to try, then look for flavored beer. These are beers that are brewed with special ingredients that lend a unique test to the beer. They are not overwhelming tastes, rather they are subtle. You can find flavored beers in all styles. There are flavored stouts, ales, and lagers. Here are a few of the most popular flavored beers.

Pumpkin Ale

This ale is made by adding pumpkin to the mash. The pumpkin can be in puree form, roasted cubes, or even raw. The ale is most popular around October and November, but you can find these ales year round. Pumpkin ales tend to have a higher alcohol content then regular ales. You should check the label to see the ABV. It is not uncommon for the ale to have an 8% alcohol content.

Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal used to be a very common ingredient in stout. However, it declined in popularity until it was almost abandoned. There has recently been a resurgence in this type of stout. The interesting thing about oatmeal stouts is that there isn't a really heavy "oat" flavor. The main feature of oatmeal stouts is that they are very smooth. So, if you like stouts, but find many of them too harsh, then you will love oatmeal stouts.

One additional note on the flavor of these stouts. Because the oats don't have a strong flavor, many brewers add chocolate to the mash. This is a popular combination that you will find. It is a rich, smooth tasting stout.

Chocolate and Coffee Stout AKA Breakfast Stout

The addition of coffee to the mash gives this stout its name. A breakfast stout doesn't have to be drunk at breakfast, which is a good idea since they tend to have a high alcohol content. However, if you like the idea of chocolate and coffee, then you should definitely check out these beers. They are heavy, creamy, and have very strong notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate.


If you prefer a fruity beer, then make sure to look for Framboise Lambic beers.  These are beers that are fermented using lots of raspberries in the mash. They are very, very flavorful. Unlike some other brews, you will definitely taste the raspberries. They are great beers to have at a picnic or with a light lunch. They tend to be lower in alcohol then regular beers, so they are great for people who don't like alcohol heavy beers.