Commercial Refrigeration: What To Look For In A System

When you have a commercial food processing business, your primary concern is ensuring that you have the right equipment to properly house and keep cool a variety of frozen food items. The equipment that you use has to be intended for commercial use and must be designed for optimum efficiency in order to be fully beneficial to your company. Refrigeration equipment includes commercial or walk-in freezers, frozen display cases, large refrigeration units, and other types of commercial refrigeration.

What should you look for in a system for your company? Here is a guide to assist you so you get the most out of your investment and also put your money where it needs to be overall.

Size and storage capabilities

Your commercial refrigeration system should have enough size and storage abilities to house the many frozen and refrigerated produce and goods that you have. The right system will have various depths you can use as well as shelving that can be adjusted for height and size allowance. Your commercial refrigeration system will often come with a refrigerator and a commercial freezer as side by side or separate units to allow you versatility in keeping food items frozen or very cold.

Stacking or usage options

Whether you have a large warehouse you use simply for storing your refrigerated goods or you just have a small storage unit in the back of your store or business, you need to make sure your commercial refrigeration system is either able to be stacked to save space or has other usage options so you can safely and easily store the things you need. Your larger refrigeration systems may be permanently placed inside your building, such as a display, while your smaller units may be able to be moved around your store and placed in various parts of your business, like the back room or out on display for customers to look at the wares within.

Keep in mind that not all refrigeration units are meant to be used in a retail setting. Some refrigeration units for commercial use are for storage only, while others have glass doors and are well-lit for storing wares that can be accessible to the public. Your refrigeration system needs should be discussed with your refrigeration expert, who can help you get the most out of your experience. When you choose a great refrigeration system for your company, you do your part to keep your business going strong.

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