When Is It Time To Cater Events?

When you host an event, providing food for guests can become an all-consuming necessity. While there is something to be said for creating a fabulous spread and delivering it seamlessly to your guests, shouldn't part of hosting an event be enjoying the company of your guests? If you are thinking about hosting an event, you should at least give at thought to hiring a catering company. Free up Your Time Read More 

Beyond Hops And Oats: Flavored Beer

If you're looking for some unique craft beers to try, then look for flavored beer. These are beers that are brewed with special ingredients that lend a unique test to the beer. They are not overwhelming tastes, rather they are subtle. You can find flavored beers in all styles. There are flavored stouts, ales, and lagers. Here are a few of the most popular flavored beers. Pumpkin Ale This ale is made by adding pumpkin to the mash. Read More 

How To Effectively Re-Heat French Fries

While french fries can be yummy fresh out of the fryer and on your dinner plate, they may not retain their appeal the next day. As a french fry connoisseur, you are likely aware of soggy and tasteless leftover fries after running them through the microwave. Fortunately, you can make them as good as new if you follow these reheating methods.  Timeline First of all, know that fries are no good to you when they are too old. Read More